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You might be wondering what CrossFit is? Or you might know a little but are a bit intimidated by what you’ve seen or heard?… Don’t worry there’s no need to be. CrossFit is a tried and tested formula for staying Strong, Fit and Healthy and it’s designed for everyday people to help become extraordinary!

Check this out.

Pretty cool huh.

As you think about the possibilities of this way of training and what you could achieve, maybe you can relate to these questions…


  • Are you always putting yourself last on the list of priority’s when it comes to your health and fitness?
  • Do you feel tired, sluggish and uncomfortable in your own skin?
  • Right now, could you confidently put on a bikini or a pair of boardies (if you still have them) and walk along the beach?
  • Bored of pounding the treadmill and dumbbell curling in front of the mirror at your standard gym?
  • Sick of doing endless amounts of jump squats and mountain climbers at your outdoor bootcamp?
  • Done 8 or 12 week challenges before only to lose all of the hard work you achieved after you had finished?
  • Just not getting results and don’t know where to start?

    If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re not alone.


    97% of the people who contact us are probably feeling just like you when they first start.

    Frustrated because the results AREN’T happening and the ‘getting up in the morning to exercise’ feels like a CHORE! Then on top of that, feeling completely miserable because the body in the mirror is not the one you really want.


    Well… there is an alternative.


    • How would you like to BURN EVERY SHRED OF EXCESS FAT from your body?
    • Enjoy a sense of constant achievement from your training that will keep you motivated and always striving for more!
    • Gain incredible HEALTH, STRENGTH AND VITALITY that all your friends and family will notice!
    • What would it be like to join a community of like-minded people who all share the same passion, the same purpose in their training and push you to achieve the best you possibly can?
    • Would you like to achieve INCREDIBLE results AND be able to maintain them?


    Our BRAND NEW 12 week ‘Fitter, Stronger, Leaner‘ Challenge can help you sculpt your fittest, leanest most attractive physique… EVER!


    Here’s just a few of our 12 Week Challenge Success Stories…


    Julie Sunderland changed her WHOLE life!
    ‘Even though I was not the fittest, strongest or thinnest I truly believe that I have not only lost 8 kilos but my life has completely and genuinely changed for the better. I have found a strength I didn’t know I had, a person in myself I had long forgotten… I am no longer just someone’s mum or wife… I found me again because you showed me I could… I hope you realise that. Just wanted you to know thank you just doesn’t seem enough.’

    Andy Staehr regretted his decision to leave the first time!
    ‘After completing my first 12 week Challenge with CFC in early 2012 and losing 11kg an existing back injury flared up meaning that I had to stop training. 11 months later and 18kg heavier I hadn’t done a thing and decided that I needed a drastic change in my life.
    I contacted Marty once again and rather than put me down for not having done anything for 11 months and putting all the weight back on, I was welcomed back and encouraged from day 1. We set some achievable goals and I am pumped to say that after the 12 weeks of consistent training and clean eating I not only lost more weight than I did in my first 12 week Challenge but have improved my strength, fitness and flexibility to a point well above what I’d achieved previous. Despite some new faces at the CrossFit sessions, not much had changed – the dedication and encouragement from Marty, Tim and Matt was just as I’d remembered in 2012, second to none! If anyone is thinking of starting an exercise program or CrossFit for the first time you will find no better gym on the coast than the guys at CrossFit Caloundra. Call them today! I definately won’t be stopping again!

    Briony Taylor achieved:
    Even though Bri was in no way ‘overweight’ she kicked goals left, right and centre!

    – Decreased bodyweight from 57.5kg to 54kg (3.5 total)!
    – Lost 11cm off her waist!
    – Lost 5cm off her butt and hips!
    – Lost 4% of pure fat!
    – Increased her strength to a level where she is doing unassisted pull ups and full push ups!

    Kris McPherson achieved:
    Kris came to us with a few mobility/flexibility issues around her shoulder complex so we made a goal at the start of the Challenge to work hard on freeing up that area. Now ask anyone that’s had a fairly severe mobility/flexibility restriction and they’ll tell you that making big changes to flexibility takes time and consistency! But Kris was committed to her home exercises and thanks to a few remedial massage/mobility sessions throughout the Challenge she is starting to see some very nice changes in her shoulder movement and flexibility.

    – Decreased bodyweight from 70.5kg to 65.3kg (5.2 total)!
    – Lost 8cm off her waist!
    – Lost 6.5cm off her butt and hips!
    – Decreased her body fat skinfold measurements by 26mm!
    – Increased her strength to a level where she is doing unassisted pull ups and push ups!

    Trish Burchell achieved:
    Trish absolutely smashed her goals over the 12 weeks!

    – Decreased bodyweight from 97.8kg to 84.6kg (13.2 total)!
    – Lost 16cm off her waist!
    – Lost 14cm off her butt and hips!
    – Lost 6.8% of pure fat!

    Bec Eastham committed completely to her 12 week Challenge and came out the other end a brand new person!

    ‘You worked hard and I am proud of you’, this was the first text I ever got from Marty and from that moment I knew I had found the right place for me.
    I started the 12 week Challenge with specific goals – weight loss, fitness and strength – and I achieved them all! The journey didn’t just change me physically but also mentally. I have always exercised, and for some periods in my life quite intensely (hours spent at gym). But always only with one goal, how I looked. CrossFit has changed the way I now view exercise. I not only want to look good in my swimmers but I want to be strong, fast, flexible and fit too! The support I have received has been mind blowing! Each of the coaches (Marty, Matt & Tim) have varied approaches but without question all of them are there for you with their amazing knowledge and support.
    My one on one sessions were with Marty and to say he is one special trainer would be a huge understatement. I bombarded him with text messages, questions, emotional off-loading and he was always there. I lost a total of 9% body fat, 7.5kg of total bodyweight, can now do a full unassisted pull up, squat my own bodyweight and took 2.40s off my Baseline WOD. I know I wouldn’t have achieved any of my goals without him.
    CrossFit Caloundra you ROCK!

    She achieved:
    – 7.5kg total lost!
    – 9% total body fat lost!
    – 9cm lost from waist!
    – 7cm lost from hips!
    – Can do unassisted pull ups!
    – Can now squat her bodyweight on her shoulders!
    – Anihalated 2 mins 40s off her Baseline WOD!

    Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Experience…

    • The type of workouts that will KICK START YOUR METABOLISM INTO OVERDRIVE AND BURN A TON OF CALORIES even after you leave the gym!

    • How doing these simple self body-maintenance techniques you can KEEP YOUR BODY INJURY AND PAIN FREE and train you hardest!

    • What you need to eat to prime your body into CHEWING YOUR FAT STORES and start melting the excess fat away with ease!

    • The SECRETS top athletes use to TRANSFORM their bodies in record time!

    • Confused about supplements? We’ll show you EXACTLY which supplements you need to BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE HEALTH & PERFORMANCE!


    Each week will be completely mapped out for you… all you have to do is show up and give it 100%! If you do everything we tell you, show up to every session and COMMIT FULLY to the 12 weeks you will be a WHOLE NEW person at the other end!


    Start Your ‘Fitter, Stronger, Leaner’ Challenge at CrossFit Caloundra Today!


    We are so completely convinced that this is the BEST INVESTMENT you could ever make for your health and fitness that we are going to take all the risk away from you.


    Here’s our Guarantee again…


    We GUARANTEE You’ll Lose A Minimum Of 6kg Of PURE FAT Over The 12 Weeks Or You Can Have All Your MONEY BACK And Train For ANOTHER 12 Weeks Completely FREE!


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    Here it is…


    What You Get

    Value Investment
    12 x 30 min PT session (weekly) $530
    Unlimited CrossFit Classes $630
    Corrective Exercise program $44 FREE
    3 x Measurement/Assessments $264 FREE
    3 x Healthy Eating Education sessions $198 FREE
    2 x Corrective Program Revisions $88 FREE
    2 x Scenar Treatments $132 FREE
    PurePharma 3 pack $95 FREE
    Progenex Protein powder $90 FREE
    Trigger point ball $10 FREE
    CFC Welcome pack $30 FREE
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